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SQL Live Monitor V2

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Updated: May 27, 2010 by glensmall
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Release Notes

Major update to the existing application to include the following:

  • Addition of context menu drill down options on each detailed page
  • Addition of Database related info and statistics - including fragmentation
  • Adding Tabbed main form to seperate out stats data, clean-up the main view, and allow the addition of other views - such as a high level dashboard
  • Adding a Windows Service in addition to the existing GUI so that users can install the service to run in the background and log performance data on an on-going basis.
  • Adding ability to log data to a SQL Server as well as CSV
  • Alteration to the options screen with back end code clean-up as well. Tabbed options grouped into relevent functions. More config options for the app and the service.
  • Adding analytics and reports (SSAS & SSRS based) for analysing logged perf data. Will probably include SSIS package to move logged data into a DW format.
  • Altering logging format
  • Addition of command line start-up options as per user request.
  • Further optimisations to the base code with a view to reducing the footprint further where possible
  • Removing legacy code which was there to handle the convertion to encrypted config files
  • Altering config files to a more standard format - probably XML based.
  • V2 will include binaries for x86 and x64 with specific optimisation accordingly.